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Picking your wedding colour according to their meaning

The most important thing to consider is what best brings you-the bride and groom-as a couple when creating a wedding theme. There are various ways of doing this, like the location where you first met, any shared interests, favorite animals and colour- which is a very effective factor in wedding themes. We normally just pick the colours without any though but we forget to see what mood that colour creates and what it means about you.

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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Every bride believes they can plan their wedding by themselves, and so does every Mother of the bride, every mother in law, every sister, every cousin, every aunt…(you see where I am going with this). The worst culprits of this thought process are Asian brides! I’m sure many brides are capable of doing so, but my question is why would you, when there are people who dedicate their lives to this type of planning. I mean they REALLY love seating plans, guest lists, crockery arrangements and more, and they REALLY love doing it for everybody else!! Seriously..I know because I am one of these creatures! I am here to let you know why it is beneficial to have a wedding planner.

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